The exhibition: 27.11.2011, 19.00 h

On the 3rdWOW, Steve left earth and moved to the 3rdGrid. Some knew it, some will get to know when they have to.


This is the INVITATION CARD … just click on card to enlarge

For press purposes this is the text on the card, so you can copy and paste it:

Reiner Schneeberger about Steve Jobs: “30 years ago I asked Apple to support one of my very first computer graphic exhibitions in Munich. I don’t know if it was Steve who was asked by the European Headquarter that I got the final approval, but I was told “Hey guy, you are lucky the Big Boss said, let him do it!” Later I got support by many others, like Digital Equipment, Control Data, National Cash Register. All have been big players in the computer industry back in those days. Now, in 2011, from all of them only Apple, the very first sponsor, made it to the present and so the circle gets connected again. Steve has embarked as his sister Patty said in New York Times, his last words were “Oh wow” and so it might be the time to bring a glimpse of art back to the present, out of the very first days that Apple sponsored the exhibition at Stadtmuseum Munich back in 1981.”

The ThirdWOW exhibition shows the works of Exy Atreides, Navah Dreams, Met Knelstrom, Third Illusion, First Prim and some of his creations. The very first real made Avatar, Minimal Blue, will show his work “The 3rd Wow” that was presented at the exhibition “I in 3D” at Center St. Cavallier, Valletta, Malta in 2009

William Sims Bainbridge, Professor at George Manson University and the author of “God from the Machine: Artificial Intelligence Models of Religious Cognition …” (Alta Mira Press, 2006) developed the software “The Year 2100″ to collect personality items for a later input to generate personalized agent-avatars.

Opening November 27, 2011 at 19.00 h presenting God from the Machine by William S. Bainbridge and the Life Game by Herbert W. Franke for five hours as this was the time span of Steve´s moving to the Third Grid – where SIMULACRON 1 is part of it – on October 5th, 2011.

About SIMULACRON-1: Museum Aktuell, September 2011, Reiner Schneeberger, The Primcurator, Footnote No. 16, “There are many messages in Simulacron. One message could be that as soon as mankind has perfectly developed a world within the computer and experiences it by sending navigators so that the Identity Units build a simulator themselves – will mankind then think about the navigators in this world differently?”

Now it’s time that artists declare their rights to occupy the Human Brain Project

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